CaPSNIG was co-founded by Kimberly Colapinto and Karine Dupuis in 2005 as a network for pediatric surgical nurses in Canada which provides a forum to ask questions, share ideas/new initiatives. Our annual meeting provides a forum for education and presentation.


The group is open to all nurses working with pediatric surgical patients. The members of the group interact via email discussion. To become a member, simply email Ping Chiang ( . Please include your full name, hospital/employer, your area of expertise, and your preferred email address. Please let us know if it is okay to share your email address with the rest of the group.


Chair Christina Belza
Past Chair Monping Chiang / Kimberly Colapinto  
Newsletter Editor Julia Yole


 CaPSNIG Annual Meeting

14th Annual Meeting will take place at The Toronto Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre, Wednesday, September 26, 2018

CaPSNIG Meeting Finalv2 2018 - Agenda




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