Membership Details

Membership to CAPS is open to Pediatric Surgeons in active surgical practice (see below) and to Life Members. Trainees in Canadian Pediatric Surgical training programs are encouraged to submit an application for affiliate status that is valid during the time of their training program. This allows access to the CAPS website, once approved. Trainees must submit an application for membership (Active or International) upon completion of their training in order to obtain membership with the Canadian Association of Paediatric Surgeons.

Membership Categories:

  1. Active Members: Pediatric Surgeons in active practice in Canada who hold a Certificate of Special Competence in Pediatric Surgery from the Royal College, have Board Certification in Pediatric Surgery from the American Board of Surgery or have international training in Pediatric Surgery and hold a faculty appointment at a Canadian Pediatric Surgical Centre.
  2. International Members: Pediatric Surgeons who are non-resident in Canada and have received a substantial portion of their pediatric surgical training in Canada. This category includes a) applicants who did all of their pediatric surgical training in a Royal College accredited program and practice outside of Canada, b) applicants who spent at least one year in a Canadian Pediatric Surgical Centre without a Pediatric Surgery training program formally recognized by the Royal College with supporting letters from two CAPS members, one of which must be a mentor from their training program, c) Canadian citizens who trained outside of Canada but hold a certificate of special competence in Pediatric Surgery from the Royal College, American Board of Surgery or equivalent certifying body and are in actice Pediatric Surgical practice outside of Canada, and d) Active members who will end a pediatric surgical practice in Canada and move to maintain an active pediatric surgical practice in another country.
  3. Life Members: Active members who retire from pediatric surgical practie and are residents of Canada. A request for change in membership status from Active or International to Life Member must be made in writing to the Chair of the Membership and Credentials Committee or by email to This request must be approved by the membership at the next Annual General Meeting before the change to Life Member is granted.The associated privileges of exemption from Annual Dues and meeting registration under Life Member will become valid the following calendar year.

Termination of Membership:

Membership may be terminated on written request by the member to the Chair of the Membership and Credentials Committee or by email to The Executive Board may vote, at their discretion, to terminate members for any conduct unacceptable to the Association including failure by Active or International members to pay annual dues for two successive years.