caps-logo Coat Of Arms

Heraldic Blazon:
Per pale gules and purpure, dexter a scalpel erect entwined by a serpent, sinster a child standing, all argent.

On three maple leaves slipped gules and backed purpure, the date 1967.

"Je le pensai, Dieu le guérit."

The red and purple of the arms are also the colours of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and represent the blood met in surgery - arterial and venous. The scalpel with the healing serpent of Æsculapius, and the figure of a well child combine to symbolize the practice of Paediatric Surgery.

The crest is the Canadian maple leaf and the founding date of the Association (1967).

The motto is a quotation from Ambroise Pare, a father of modern surgery. The sixteenth-century French translates, "I treated him, God cured him.