CAPS Statement Against Racism


It is our responsibility as CAPS surgeons to strive to optimize the health of our children and families. Addressing the devastating impact of racism is central to this goal. 


CAPS Statement Against Racism

The Canadian Association of Pediatric Surgeons (CAPS) recognizes that individual, structural, and systemic racism is a public health crisis that is killing children, women, and men across North America. We see first-hand the deleterious impact of structural racism on social welfare and on the health of children and their families, our colleagues, our trainees, and our communities at large. We acknowledge that genocide, white supremacy, and systemic racism against Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) in Canada have created profound inequities and ongoing injustices in our society. Unfortunately, colonial and racist practices that are pervasive throughout our health care and educational systems continue to cause harm to our most vulnerable populations.

In light of the recent police murders of George Floyd and innumerable women, men, and children of colour, we stand in solidarity with those protesting against systemic racism within our justice systems. These egregious acts of violence occur in Canada and we strongly condemn police brutality and racist violence in all of its forms. We call on our educational and justice systems, health and social services, the media, and the arts to dismantle racist policies that harm black children, Indigenous children, children of colour, and their families.

As Canadian pediatric surgeons, we have always been united in our goal to optimize the health of children and their families through exceptional care. We are now equally united in our stance against the disease of systemic racism in Canada which threatens the health and lives of the children we have vowed to protect. We also stand against discrimination based on poverty, geography, and abilities and differences in language, gender, sexuality, and religion. We commit to using our positions of power and privilege to forge a just world where all children have the ability to grow, learn, and flourish without the scourge of racism. We also commit to developing anti-racist policies within our own organization to ensure we do not uphold the structures that we currently condemn.

Déclaration de ACCP Contre le Racisme

L’Association Canadienne de Chirurgie Pédiatrique (ACCP) reconnaît que le racisme personnalisé, structurel et systémique est une crise de santé publique qui tue des jeunes, des femmes et des hommes en Amérique du Nord. Nous constatons l'impact néfaste du racisme structurel sur le bien-être social et sur la santé des enfants et de leurs familles, de nos collègues, de nos stagiaires et de nos communautés en général. Nous reconnaissons que le génocide, la suprématie blanche et le racisme systémique contre les noirs, les autochtones et les personnes de couleur au Canada ont créé de profondes inégalités et des injustices persistantes dans notre société. Malheureusement, les pratiques colonialistes et racistes encore omniprésentes dans nos systèmes de santé et d'éducation continuent de nuire à nos populations les plus vulnérables.

À la lumière des récents meurtres de George Floyd et d'innombrables femmes, hommes et enfants de couleur commis par la police, nous sommes solidaires avec ceux qui protestent contre le racisme systémique au sein de nos systèmes judiciaires. Des actes d’injustice flagrants se produisent au Canada et nous condamnons fortement la brutalité policière et la violence raciste sous toutes ses formes. Nous demandons à nos systèmes éducatifs et judiciaires, à nos systèmes de santé et de services sociaux, aux médias et au monde artistique d’abolir les pratiques discriminatoires qui nuisent aux jeunes noirs, de couleur et autochtones, ainsi qu’à leur familles.

En tant que chirurgiens pédiatriques Canadiens, nous avons toujours été unis dans notre objectif d'optimiser la santé des enfants et de leurs familles par des soins exceptionnels. Nous sommes maintenant également unis dans notre position contre le fléau du racisme systémique au Canada qui menace la santé, la vie, et le bien-être des jeunes que nous avons promis de protéger. Nous nous opposons également à la discrimination basée sur la pauvreté, l’origine ethnique, l’handicap physique, les différences de langue, de genre, d’orientation sexuelle, et de religion. Nous nous engageons à utiliser nos influences et nos privilèges afin de construire un monde égalitaire où tous les jeunes auront la capacité de grandir, d'apprendre et de s'épanouir sans le fléau du racisme. Nous nous engageons également à développer des politiques non-discriminatoires au sein de notre propre organisation pour nous assurer d’éviter les situations que nous condamnons actuellement.

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CAPS Global Pediatric Surgery Scholarship


CAPS Global Pediatric Surgery Scholarship
Revised May 2016

Terms of Reference

To promote pediatric surgery in resource-poor countries and to foster international cooperation by
enabling practicing pediatric surgeons from these countries to attend the annual CAPS scientific

Scope of the award:
The grant will reimburse standard economy travel, accommodation and conference costs
(conference registration at the Resident rate and any accompanying person social event fees) at
the CAPS meeting to a maximum of $3000 CAN. Any additional costs will be the responsibility of
the CAPS Global Scholar.
The successful applicant will be expected to speak for 10-15 minutes to the CAPS membership
about their pediatric surgical practice at the annual meeting.

Management of the Scholarship:
• The CAPS Executive/Finance Committee will be responsible for the financial management of
the fund.
• The Scholarship will be advertised annually through the CAPS website and at the time of
meeting announcements and call for abstracts.
• The award committee will consist of the Global Partnership Committee and one representative
of the Executive (if not already represented).
• Awards will be approved by the Executive and the Scholar notified a year in advance to allow
time for visa processing.

Scholars will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements and must
submit their receipts for reimbursement to a maximum of $3000.

An Award Certificate will be presented to the CAPS Global Scholar at the CAPS meeting.

                                                             Application process
Candidates are requested to submit before the set deadline an application including:

1. A short (2 page) Curriculum Vitae in English or French.

2. A 300 word document (English or French) outlining the reasons why the particular fellowship
would be helpful for the individual, the hospital, the country and the pediatric patients.

3. A letter of recommendation from a CAPS member, or the country’s pediatric surgical association
president or secretary, or the local Chief of Surgery, or the pediatric surgery training program
director where the applicant trained.

4. The Scholar will have an identified CAPS sponsoring member. It is desirable, but not obligatory,
that the awardee undertake a short-term Observership before or after the CAPS meeting with
pediatric surgeons hosting the meeting or in another Canadian pediatric surgery centre. Funding
and logistics for this Observership are not within the scope of the current scholarship, however the
committee will seek ways to facilitate this.

5. It is desirable, but not obligatory, that the candidate submit an abstract for poster or oral
presentation through the regular submission process. The Global Partnership Committee chair
should be advised if an abstract is submitted.

6. Any previously obtained fellowship/scholarship must be disclosed to the Global Partnership
Committee chair at the time of the application (include in C.V.).

7. Scholars will be requested to submit their original receipts and a 1-2 page report of their visit
activities and anticipated future outcomes to the Global Partnership Committee at the end of the
CAPS conference in order to receive the funds.

Applications should be made to the CAPS Global Partnership Committee Chair (jeanmartin. or The deadline for application will be set by
the CAPS Global Partnership Committee to allow time for the awardee to make travel
arrangements and obtain a visa.

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